Welcome to my pages.

If you are interesting in the building of bottleships, I'm sure that you find here something what you like.

My name is Bohuslav Karban, and I live in Mokřiny by Aš (Czech republic).
I'm building the models of ships into the lightbulbs, flasks and bottles - easy to say - in glass vessels.
I make the miniatures of ships from my 10 years, into the bottles and lightbulbs than from my 16 years. When I was a little boy, I had a dream - to be a sailor. I think - all little boys have similar dreams, but I had the luck, and my dream becomes a reality. I worked for 10 years on the ships of ČSPD as an ship engineer and electrican engineer. If I must describe it with one word than "cool" is the best one. I spend there many romantics moments.
I make my first ship in lightbulb on the middle school in my 17 years.
It was no big deal, but I have it till now, and today, I like to remember the heavy
starts full of experiments. Since the time I have many shipmodels in bulbs, bottles and flasks.
The ships are of course sailboats from one mast to seven masts. I build them with the help of museums, photos and of course others shipbuilders and internet. One model spends 30 - 200 hours of time, but it is dependet on the size of ship, and on the complicacy of details. To each of my models, I make the photo documentation with the building process.
With my models, I every year take a part in various republic, europe and world championships in shipbuilding - category C. I have bronze, silver and gold medals too.
With the newest piece of my collection (sailboat La Recouvrance - finished at february 2006) I will take a part on worldchampionship in Croatia (Dubrovník) in june 2006.
I'm a member of shipbuilders club NAVI studio in Plzeň (CZ), and a member of Europian asociation of ships in bottles (E.A.S.I.B.)
If you have this "crazy" hobby too, please contact me. I like to meet some other people with the same interest.


I make the architectural models too. Here I fixate on the old buildings in our town, which don't exist today.
I reconstruct them with the photos, plans and other picture layouts.
One of this models is an evangelical church. It completly burned 19th of january in1960, and the ruins were in next years demolished.
The other model is a building of " Bavarian railway station". It was build in 1887, and 12th of december in 1968 it was demolished.
My newest project, which isn't finished yet, is the reconstruction of the town square. I'm constructing it's form from begining of 18th century. From all buildings stay today only two buildings, and one of them is our town hall. All other buildings were in 60's of last century demolished, to unlock the place for panel houses.

Mr. Bohuslav KARBAN
tel. 0042 354 52 61 72
E -mail: karbanship@seznam.cz

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